There are so many ways to help people find your website on Google or YouTube. However the most effective ways are creating great interesting and relevant content for your site and making it easily accessible to searchers when they search on the major Search engines.

SEO tips for the beginnersThere are so many ways you can make content interesting. You can start by writing about your own personal experiences and blog about it. Take the written content and turn it into a video. The video then can be uploaded into YouTube or Vimeo or both. Next separate the sound file and create a great podcast with it by uploading it to a podcast site on the net. Now all these videos and podcast can or should have a link back to your main website. These are very effective as long as they are on topic. These links are called external back links. I suggest you create ALT Tags with specific keywords for each ALT tag. This will add more juice to your site and power it up t be searched quicker on the search engine.

What Are Search Techniques?

Search techniques are ways people search for information for a product or service on the internet. They could type in for example “dog training tips” or “brisbane local seo” or “cooking classes near me“. If a website has information regarding any of these search terms then Google will deliver the top most useful sites to the searcher.

Now how do you get your site to be seen in the top 10 in Google. That is another story for another time.

Types Of Search Techniques That Work!

When writing content for your website make sure you use different words called keywords or keyword phrases sprinkled through the paragraphs that mean the same thing. However, don’t spam or stuff keywords into your content just because you think it will help. The reality is it will do more damage than help. In writing content always keep the end user, the Google searcher in mind. What is it they may be looking for? Try to look for terms or phrases on the net that Google says are similar search terms sought by people. Try answering those questions.

Here is a list of search techniques people may use:

  1. They may just put a single word in to see what results come up. An example is “uber”.
  2. They may place a string of words around the topic they want an answer for. An Example is “brisbane seo experts” or “the closest dentist near me in Santa Monica California“.

They may place a certain term in the search bar and then scroll down to the bottom of the result page and look at additional search terms given by Google and dig deeper to find more results.

People may look up a term in Australia to look for you in the search engine optimization field and may search for “seo consultants brisbane” or they may look up terms with more words in the string such as “where can I find a recipe for a cake without eggs”.  Whatever the search term is make sure you optimize your sites for the topic your site is for your niche. Do not stray away from the theme of your website. If you are on cake making then its all about cakes. Examples: “how to make cakes, how to find ingredients for cakes, best recipes for cakes, great ovens that bake cake well”, etc. Stay on topic.

Another tip I give you is link to sites within your niche only. Its adds more power to your site.

I look forward to hearing more from you as you go forward creating great ranking websites.

Alyssa Greener



Author on SEO Techniques